Sex Positive Counseling

My approach to counseling is sex-positive and kink-knowledgable. I have training and experience to help individuals and those in relationships with their sexual desires without shaming them.

All too often I meet with clients who've seen another professional and had a negative experience.  Even if you don't decide to work with me, please do shop around and ask questions until you find a supportive therapist you trust. 


  • Use a sex-positive framework and vast knowledge of healthy sexuality to support your relationship
  • Understand the unique dynamics and issues that arise for sex-positive couples (based both in lived and professional experience)
  • Use a integrative approach to help you grow in a positive direction
  • Develop an individualized plan to change the way you do relationships
  • Help you listen, build trust, negotiate, have compassion and communicate effectively with yourself and those you love


  • Sit and nod - instead, based on your preference, we will focus on and take action on things that you've identified in your life 
  • Add shame or judgment to your experience (there's already too much of that in the world)
  • Deem your kink, fetish, desire or fantasy wrong, abnormal, or unhealthy (so long as you only enact fantasies with consenting adults or on your own)
  • Assume your queer experience is the same as my own

I've supported clients who express many diverse interests, including:

  • threesomes
  • group play
  • swingers
  • exhibitionists
  • leather community
  • daddies
  • age play
  • doms and subs
  • voyeurs
  • role play
  • bondage
  • masochism
  • tops and bottoms
  • sensation play

If you are looking for a Sex Positive therapist in Chicago please contact me for a free 20 minute phone consultation at 773-281-7200 x 3 or use my contact form to email me.